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Order & Production

At CBO UK, we offer no minimum order quantity for our customers, so they can book orders in any quantity, from a few pieces to bulk, according to their needs.

The production time for custom packaging orders varies based on volume, additional finishing and complexity. Our general commitment is 3 to 4 days for packaging production. Also, we offer 2-3 days grounded shipping delivery for our trustworthy customers.

Yes! You may request 2D and 3D mockups with unlimited revisions. Also, you request a physical sample of the order box on little terms and conditions. Our physical sampling process helps you book orders with 100% satisfaction for bulk orders.

Yes, we do not have any restrictions for lowest and bulk packaging. We have the capacity to fulfil all small or large orders. So, get benefits from our no minimum and bulk order services today.

Yes, we have a huge collection of styles on our website. If you want any custom box styles, you may contact us at any time.

Yes, we offer durable and best-quality inserts and paper trays to keep your product safe and organised.

The CBO UK team understands that sometimes, our clients have tight deadlines for packaging boxes. So, you can contact our customer support services to receive an order in a rush.


To produce custom boxes and packaging, we generally take 6 to 7 days, but it varies in quantity, style, and size. Moreover, we take 2 to 3 days for ground shipping delivery to your doorstep.

We deliver our top-quality and customised packaging boxes in the UK. Additionally, we also deliver our products to other nearby areas like Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, etc. However, the shipping time is different according to the client’s destination. So, contact us to send a free request to buy custom boxes today.

We aim to facilitate our customers with 100% satisfaction, so we provide free delivery handling at the customer’s doorstep for their satisfaction.

Yes, we offer blind shipping without showing any personal data for our customers upon request. Moreover, we ship the customised packaging directly to your clients without any branding or company information.

yes, if you can request to combine your multiple orders for shipping to one place, we can do it for our valuable customers.

Well, we offer free shipping handling for our customers, but in rare cases, it is not possible for us to provide this service, so we can calculate according to the nature, size, and quantity of the box. Additionally, you can contact our customer support service at any time for more information.

Yes, once your order is shipped, we will provide a tracking number and instructions that will assist you in tracking the shipment. Add to this, tracking allows you to check the progress of your order and details.

Finishes & Add-ons

Foil stamping is a decorative technique where a metallic or colored foil is heat-pressed onto the surface of the custom box, creating a visually stunning and luxurious effect.

Embossing involves raising certain design elements on the custom box surface, adding texture and depth. It creates a tactile and visually appealing effect that enhances the overall look and feel of the packaging.

Debossing is the opposite of embossing, where certain design elements are pressed into the surface of the custom box, creating a recessed or sunken effect. It adds a subtle yet sophisticated touch to the packaging.

Spot UV refers to the process of applying a glossy and raised coating to specific areas of the custom box, creating contrast and visual impact. It adds a high-end and attention-grabbing touch to your packaging design.

Soft touch is a premium finish that provides a velvety, tactile feel to the custom box. It offers a unique sensory experience and adds a sense of luxury and sophistication to the packaging.

Aqueous varnish is a water-based coating applied to the custom box, offering protection and enhancing the visual appeal of the design. It provides a glossy or matte finish while increasing durability.

Varnish is a clear coating applied directly to the custom box surface, enhancing the aesthetics and providing a protective layer. Lamination involves applying a thin plastic film to the box, offering additional durability and resistance to moisture and wear.

Material and Printing

We offer high-quality material thickness for our customers, but it varies from product weight and size. Add to this; we provide different stocks like rigid, white cardboard, natural brown, and corrugated with different thicknesses and grams. So, contact our support team to book your order now.

No, the cost of large and small sizes are different on the basis of design complexity, additional options, sizes and quantity. Want to get detailed information regarding various styles and sizes of custom packaging costs? Please contact our customer support representatives for further information.

Yes, we can increase the thickness and grams according to the product's needs. Our experts guide you on what thickness range works best for the product for secure packaging.

Yes, we offer recycled material for the fabrication of custom packaging boxes to stay green.

E-flute is a wavy and piping layer that is pasted on the cardboard and natural brown material to make them corrugated. The major properties of this sheet involve isolation, durability and cushioning properties of the custom box. We prefer them to our customers who want packaging for fragile items and shipping purposes.

Biodegradable refers to materials that can naturally break down over time, returning to nature and causing no harm to the environment. Compostable materials, on the other hand, can break down in specific composting conditions and produce nutrient-rich compost.

Yes, we have all types of corrugated material, whether you want a single wall or double, at market-leading prices. Stay connected with our experts to choose the suitable options to buy your packaging.

Design & Artwork

Yes, we provide coated and uncoated PMS colour printing for the printed box packaging according to the client's demands. So, call us to place the order today.

Yes, we offer a 2D outline or template that explains the layout and dimensions of the custom box design for you. In addition to this, our provided dieline will assist you in placing artwork. We ensure the precise position of content during the fabricating process.

Yes, we appreciate our customers who come with their designs for printed boxes. Moreover, if you want help, our design support is here 24//7 to answer your questions

At CBO UK, we recommend submitting your artwork in high AI (Adobe Illustrator) and PSD (Adobe Photoshop). Moreover, we prefer you submit your file with outlined and curved font in a minimum 300 DPI resolution in layers.

Yes, we offer a free design support service for customers who have booked their custom order. If customers want to avail of the benefits of this service, they need to confirm their customised packaging order beforehand.

Yes, we offer unlimited revisions in custom designs; however, if you want any changes, you need to contact our customer care services for changes in the early hours. Therefore, our experts get confirmation about the design and box style in detail before booking your order.

Yes, we offer Pantone color matching for precise color reproduction. Simply provide us with the Pantone color codes, and we will ensure accurate color representation in your custom box design.

Price & Quotation

If you want to cancel your order, you need to communicate with our customer support service within 24 to 48 hours after placing your order.

We offer free shipping handling at the customer's doorstep with grounded delivery within business days.

Plates or dies change according to certain printing techniques. Also, specific designs require custom die–cutting equipment and tooling for splendid outcomes. So, contact our customer support team to know about the information on any applicable charges. However, the quotation is free without hidden charges.

Yes, additional coating and premium finishing techniques or lamination require more cost. Also, the exact pricing of these high-end finishes differs according to box size, quality and design complexity. Moreover, our customer support experts provide you with detailed information about all coatings and finishing costs.

We accept payments in UK pounds (£) (GBP) for our UK-based customers. Additionally, our international customers are bound for currency conversion for order payment. For further assistance, contact our packaging experts and designers.

Yes, Pantone printing may increase the cost of printing due to the perfect colour matching involved. Thus, feel free to book your order for Pantone printing because we ensure the printing of the exact colour.

Yes, the printing of the inside box incurs additional charges due to extra set-up and requirements. So, contact us to our team for buying extra charges.

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