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Cardboard Packaging for Shipping

Cardboard boxes are used for multiple purposes and are handy to make our lives easy. Such packaging cases may be used to pack edibles, bakery goods, stationery, apparel, cosmetics, soaps, candles bath bombs etc. Add to this; you may use our tailored packaging as a storage box or bin to keep your product safe. 

If you need product packaging in bulk with high-quality material in the UK, your searches stop at the right point. Custom Boxes Only UK offers a wide range of custom options to create up-to the mark packaging boxes for your end-users. 

Make Product Packaging Secure With Customised Cardboard Packaging 

Brands make a lot of efforts to stand out in the industry and make strategies to achieve their target. Thus, if you are facing the same story, we are here to serve you with our amazing packaging styles. Our packaging boxes assist you in doubling the impact of your product on market shelves. 

CBO allows you to pick any style, shape and size for your cardboard product packaging that perfectly fits your product packaging needs. Additionally, our custom cardboard boxes are durable, studier and easy to fold in any custom shape to grab your audience's attention. So, call us or send an email to answer your queries today. CustomBoxesOnly is the leading brand in the UK that serves its customers whether new or potential without any discrimination. Our printed cardboard packaging boxes are appealing and allow a strong recognition of your product to promote your brand.  

Top-Notch Quality Stock Use for Custom Cardboard Boxes 

Whenever we talk about product packaging only one thought pops up in our mind, how do you make them worthy for your target audiences? For this purpose, we use high-quality packaging material with custom thicknesses, and GSM ranges according to your product demand. At CBO, we use only eco-friendly packaging material for your product packaging to make it secure and elegant for your end-users. 

We offer various types of paper stock like white cardboard and brown Kraft material. Next to this, you may choose your required grams of paper from 260gsm to 670gsm according to the product demand. Also, you may exceed the grams from 670gsm according to your product demand.

Print Your Cardboard Packaging with CMYK and PMS Colours 

We use quality ink toners that are plant-based, and not harmful to our environment. Therefore; you can trust us and buy our cardboard-made printed packaging to wrap your product flawlessly. Our packaging and printing designers use CMYK and PMS colour models to print your boxes with custom colours. 

Moreover, our experts collect all information such as brand name, logo, or detail, and ensure the exact printing on paper-made boxes after confirmation. Additionally, if you want to revise or change your colour, you may discuss it with our support representative and designers they will help you. Here are some types of colour printing that are mentioned below for our customers.

  • 1-colour printing 
  • 2-colour printing 
  • 3-colour printing 
  • 4/4 colour printing

Bespoke and Functional Packaging Styles for Cardboard Containers 

Brands use unique styles to give their product a fabulous look on market retail shelves. To fulfil our client’s business needs, we bestow a huge array of custom styles that make your product presentation fabulous for your target consumers. Our best-selling styles of cardboard packaging cases are mentioned below for your information. 

  • Bookend boxes
  • Flip-top boxes 
  • Magnetic closure boxes 
  • Collapsible boxes 
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes 
  • Pillow-shaped boxes 
  • Gable-shaped boxes 
  • Shoulder boxes 
  • Suitcase boxes 
  • Mailer boxes 

All the above styles are just a few, so you may visit our site to explore more shapes and dimensions for your product packaging. Our experts ensure the exact die-cutting of product boxes that give a neat look to your product packaging. Also, we offer perfect edges that help in an easy and quick assembling process. We also bestow double-face adhesive tapes for cardboard seal-end boxes. So, contact our experts to book your order at market-leading prices.

High-end Printing Techniques for Printed Cardboard Boxes UK 

Bestowing high-end printing solutions for printed cardboard packaging. At CBO, we ensure the use of mature printing devices and die-cut plates for excellent packaging cases. We use digital and offset printing with additional options to make your packaging box fabulous. 

We suggest using offset printing services for premium-quality product boxes. Whether you require short-run or long-run printing, our team is here to facilitate you with premium packaging solutions. Our experts have complete knowledge about using perineum ink toners, die-cutting machines, and plates seamlessly. So, contact our team via call or email and place your order to buy our superlative cardboard folding boxes. 

Advanced Laminations and Coating Secure Products 

After printing your product packaging, we applied lamination and coating on the surface. In this regard, we are offering different lamination and coatings that you need to know before booking your order. The packaging industry brings up new technologies and advanced approaches to craft your product packaging flawlessly.

Basically, lamination is the layer of thin plastic sheet applied using glue to secure the printed design on the box. Also, it is water-proof, and moisture-resistant material keeps your product safe and secure. On the other hand, coating is just about a spraying process to keep your product eco-friendly. Let's take a tour to learn about lamination and coatings types. 

Matte Lamination: In this laminating process, your cardboard packaging gives a decent and dull look. Additionally, this coating is highly used in cosmetic and jewellery packaging boxes. 

Gloss UV Lamination: If you want to give a glossy and shiny look to item packaging. We are offering gloss UV coating to make your product shiny surface your product case.  

Pearl Lamination:  At CBO, we also offer pearl lamination which is a PVC transparent sheet that shines like a pearl and reflects to click in your customer's eyes. 

Aqueous Coating: It is a spraying method in which we spray a substance on the product, and it increases the life of your product box or makes it scratch-proof. 

Soft Touch Lamination: If you want a smooth and softer look to a product box, check out our soft-touch lamination for them. 

Foil stamping:  In this process, we apply gold and silver foil on your cardboard box to highlight your brand name, logo and any particular area of your artwork. Similarly, you also buy fully metalised boxes to grab your products. 

Embossing: These effects give a raised and elevated look to the particular part of your cardboard product boxes. And, you may use this effect on your product packaging with additional ink toners or without them. If you do not use additional colours, apply them on the boxes with the same ink which you use for the product boxes. 

Now it is all up to you what options you choose for top-quality product packaging boxes. Make your cardboard packaging boxes graceful for your target customers with our personalised and customised solutions. So, you may contact our support representative to discuss our services.

Pack Bulk Products - Buy Cardboard Made Boxes Wholesale 

We want to supply packaging to our customers with 100% satisfaction and loyalty. At CBO, we open the doors for every client whether they belong to a small business or run large-scale projects. We deliver your order with no minimum requirement; you may order the required packaging box in any quantity. And, if you deal in a large industry, and need bulk product boxes and bags, you can contact us to book your order now. 

Quality Assurance on Multiple Stages

To ensure quality delivery of packaging, we have a department of quality assurance department that checks the quality of packaging at each stage. Our team contains packaging engineers, shipping staff, colour-checking experts, and other members who alternatively check each product box to ensure the delivery of accurate and precision packaging at your doorstep. We check the edges of die-cut holes and flaps and match the colour of each box to confirm you are in the right place. 

Also, we offer 2D and 3D mockups before confirming the bulk printing of your orders. If our clients demand physical samples, we deliver them to their satisfaction. So, buy secure and durable product packaging from us at reasonable prices. 

Add to this, we deliver your product through grounded shipping that securely delivers to the product box at your doorstep. Our stress-free smooth shipping process prevents you from additional efforts, and we offer free shipping with handling on the customer’s door. 

Why You Choose Us to Buy Cardboard Boxes in the UK? 

Custom Boxes Only UK offers you cardboard boxes wholesale at market-leading prices for our potential buyers. Our packaging boxes that are made with cardboard keep your product safe from any damage and ensure your product arrives in pristine condition in your customer’s hand. However, we customise the size, shape and style of your bespoke cardboard cartons reduce the wasted space and pack your items sustainably. Here are the major reasons that make us a priority for you. 

  • Ship in Flat 
  • Fast delivery
  • Custom shapes, styles and sizes 
  • Latest printing techniques 
  • Sample on demand
  • Provide mock-up and template 
  • Quick turns around 
  • Available around the clock 
  • Offset and digital printing 
  • Custom paper trays 

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