Custom Food & Beverage Boxes

Custom Food & Beverages Packaging

The Custom Boxes Only UK provides the best food and beverage boxes for your brand. We manufacture boxes using premium kinds of customised kraft, cardboard and paperboard. Hence, it is available for various weight requirements. We deal in eco-friendly packaging to preserve the environment. Creativity is the key element of our process with fashionable designs, special colour schemes, and customisation features, and it enables you to create a packaging of trust. The Straight Tuck End or Reverse Tuck End box type provides greater security, and the 6 Corner Box may be suitable for fast assembly. Establish your brand with high-end box displays that will add a touch of prestige to it. Choose CBO as your partner for premium packaging that stands out while also maintaining the quality that protects your goods. Get free doorstep shipping as a unique proposition for customers, and we’ll deliver within 6 – 8 business days.  

Get High-Quality Printed Food and Beverages Boxes

In a constantly changing food industry, the packaging of edibles and drinks has become an integral element for ensuring the freshness of products. It is maintained from point-of-origin to retail shelves or final consumers. At CBO UK, we provide a wide selection of materials such as Kraft, cardboard, and paperboard to fulfil various product-weight demands and also to meet different levels of security. The fact that our boxes are customisable means you can choose your desired size for your custom food and beverage packaging.

Ensuring Quality through Protection

Packaging is critical to providing the security needed for preserving food and beverage boxes wholesale products when they are in transit. It is not just the seasonality but also the handling, the shipping and the fridge conditions that can affect the taste and freshness of food. 

By ensuring that your products are free of toxins and meet the latest environmental standards, CBO UK considers both the external and internal integrity of your products. Our material is pressure-resistant, upholds the frame and includes inserts for secure mounting of the products. Laminations play the role of water seal which safeguards your items from being damaged on delivery.

Personalisation for Your Brand

Get an edge over the rest by taking your packaging to a creative high. CBO  will develop new, innovative, attractive, and unique designs for your food and drink packaging products to make them stand out visually. Leverage die-cutting machinery for various forms while matte or glossy coating, UV spotting, debossing, embossing, and textured surfaces can also be selected as finish options. Our customisation options of each box turn a plain one into the unimaginable out-of-the-box piece called trust that eventually sticks with the customers in their minds.

Why Choose Custom Boxes Only UK?

CBO stands out in the field of food and beverage packaging as it serves as a perfect marketing tool through which pertinent details about the product, brand narrative, and usage are vividly conveyed, thus ensuring that consumers are informed and engaged. This non-profit has committed itself to ensuring safety and that is reflected in the safe handling instructions and eco-friendly packaging, which also correlates with their environmental goals. Brand logos and visually appealing design elements are crucial in branding a product. They create a distinctive and easily recognizable identity for the product, which is reflected in the look and feel of the product.  

Free Shipping Across the UK

Giving you the best of value, our services include free delivery across the UK. In addition to technological advancements, affordable custom-printed food and beverage packaging is one more way online shoppers can be convinced to buy a premium product with a few clicks.

Budget-Friendly Solutions for Bulk Orders

We are in love with the fact that our business is a dynamic one, and we now anticipate bulk orders with great enthusiasm. We are not just good at designing and making custom boxes of the best quality; we do it at an affordable rate. Pricing structures for bulk orders assist you in ramping up your packaging and not exceeding the limit of your capital.

Get in Touch – Your Satisfaction, Our Mission

Go ahead with CBO now by pressing buttons or calling us. Discover our services, review our portfolio in the gallery and get a free quote for your project online at CBO UK. Beyond producing fine-quality packages, our unrivalled service for our customers is the very next thing, and we stand there to help out with any questions as well as any unusual packaging challenges.

Your Packaging Partner for Success

CBO is more than just a manufacturer of branding goods; we are branding partners that want to be a part of your venture's success. Co-operate with us in order to accomplish supremacy, affordability, and the most important factor, which is customer satisfaction in your food and beverage packaging. Shall we come up with something real special by working hand in hand on this packaging stuff? Check out our website now to begin ordering our custom food and beverage packages. Our customer service representatives are also available to deal with your queries around the clock. Get your hands on your custom boxes now.

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