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Attractive & Stylish Packaging Design of Cosmetic Products

Package design is rightly referred to as the silent salesman, which always stands out from the rest of the communication tools in grabbing consumers’ attention. As noted by experts such as Gelici-Zeko (2012), an exquisitely designed lipstick box is the visual ambassador of the brand, drawing the consumers to it by the colour, the material, the shape, and the imagery. CBO brings to you the most enticing designs of cosmetic packaging boxes.  These boxes have a great impact on the beauty sector. Let’s bring up some research to prove it!

Importance of Cosmetic Boxes

1. Brand Representation:
Our cosmetic box acts as a billboard platform for genuine brand narratives, showcasing the core of your brand – the identity, values, and aesthetics. With carefully crafted boxes, we endeavour to leave long-lasting impressions and establish brand loyalty. You can get your brand logo printed on these boxes.

2. Product Protection:
Moving away from the looks only, our cosmetic packaging boxes take care of the protective aspect of your beauty products. They protect your products from external factors such as light, air and moisture thereby ensuring the integrity of your products and preserving it for longer periods.

3. Consumer Attraction:
Taking advantage of the visual aspect of our premium cosmetic boxes becomes an effective instrument in winning customers. All our designs, colours, and finishes are elaborately crafted to have your items sell well on cluttered shelves and attract the attention of buyers. We use exclusive designs and printing techniques to make sure these boxes prove to be a treat to your customers’ eyes.

Customisation Options

1. Materials:
Select from a range of materials including but not limited to cardboard, paperboard and environmentally friendly ones. The choice of material for the box goes not only in terms of durability but also with the promise of environmental friendliness.

2. Shapes and Sizes:
We provide you with a choice of custom shapes and sizes in order to let your brand location the needful size for your product dimensions and design preferences – simple and minimalistic or complex and ornate. you can also order custom cosmetic box organisers from us.

3. Printing Techniques:
The best printing is what is necessary to make your product more attractive. CBO offers electrifying and rich printing applications with CMYK, PMS, embossing, debossing, foil stamping and UV coating. Our methods are aimed at helping your cardboard packaging look as beautiful as possible and your brand being able to stand out. The printing machines that we have in our facility ensure the quality of every box is up to the mark.

4. Finishing Touches:
Add a special touch to the feel and look of your printed cosmetic boxes from our finishing touches – gloss or matte lamination, spot varnish, and aqueous coat. These improvements lend a touch of both luxury and sophistication to your packaging.

5. Brand Personalization:
Our wholesale cosmetic boxes let you imprint your logo, tagline, or brand elements directly onto the packaging. We not only cover yourself of packing but we will assure your consumers a memorable unboxing experience to reinforce your brand identity.

Visit CBO and get Wholesale Cosmetic Boxes at Economical Rates

The question is do you want to purchase cardboard cosmetic packaging in wholesale from the market's leading prices? Custom Boxes Only UK provides luxury cosmetic packages of rigid structure to manufacturers and retailers with volume discounts. We confirm each box’s quality even if bulk orders for cosmetic box packaging wholesale are made. 

We are Your Trusted Packaging Suppliers in Every Niche

With Custom Boxes Only UK, you can avail of high-quality materials, styles, and designs that will make your product showcases attractive and interesting. Be it either the jewellery industry or the cosmetic industry, we are committed to the provision of superior quality and functional packaging. We provide a variety of custom styles, sizes, and colors which enables customers to choose their best options as far as their cosmetic box is concerned.
Our high-end printing techniques guarantee an appealing product presentation. In the industry, we apply digital, screen, and offset printing to increase the attractiveness of the item cases. Premium ink toners that stick to the box and its color remains similar for a long time are used in CBO. Enjoy wholesale cosmetic boxes and cater to large quantities of products at reasonable prices. These are what make us stand out for our clients.

What Perks you get by joining hands with us?

• Accommodate bulk orders
• Custom color selection
• No minimum order requirement
• PMS and CMYK colour printing
• Laminations and coatings
• Insert PVC window patches
• Offset and digital printing options
• Custom styles and designs
• Free design support

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The beauty market is diverse to cover and it is absolutely must to make your brand stand out of the competition. With the rapidly changing beauty landscape, our custom boxes for cosmetics are not just packaging; they are a part of your brand storytelling and consumer engagement. Customised with an array of choices, we help your brand achieve a consistent identity, safeguard your products, and engage your customers. With the beauty industry constantly on the rise, the importance of our boxes in fashioning brand perception is unwavering.
Reach out to us to buy at competitive prices. Our experts are on call 24/7 to answer your questions. Do not hesitate to share your concerns with our designers – they are here to orientate you and offer you the best options possible.

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