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Bespoke Premium Packaging for Eye-Catching Product Presentation

Packaging box not only used to cover the products but it’s more than enough. At CBO, we offer fully customised and personalised premium packaging solutions for our customers. Over the years, we have built up a repute on the competitor’s edge. Our top-class printing services assist you in making the perfect packaging case that uplifts the display of your product to the next level.  

We think appealing product cases are imperative for an unforgettable unboxing experience. Thus, we need to suggest our clients buy top-class product packaging for the aesthetic presentation of your product if it fits in the budget. Otherwise, you may go for cost-effective options which are available on our site only for you. 

Why Business Need Premium Product Packaging?

Many vendors stay confused about whether they choose cheap product packaging and turn their heads towards swanky product packing solutions. That’s why, imagine how a product with exceptional features packed in a luxury product case looks like as compared to simple product boxes. Absolutely, it transforms the display of your products and makes them adorable for targeted customers. 

Similarly, if you pack your product with advanced features in a simple cuboid box what message is given to your customers? Either your customers trust them for their amazing quality or not? We know the majority of consumers judge their products through their packaging and give them the chance to use them. 

Therefore brands need to use premium packaging for the product packing process to give a sleek and decent look to grab your audience’s attention. Also, decent product packaging adds to the worth of your product for target consumers with their latest packaging techniques. 

Quality material Selection Is a Must for Premium packaging 

Quality material is important to give an excellent look to your simple product box. We do not want to make our clients lay down in front of customers just for low-quality material use. Thus, we use high-quality packaging material for the fabrication of premium boxes.  Although we deal in different cardstock for packaging boxes and bags, to make surpass product cases we only prefer rigid material.  

Custom Style and Dimensions of Luxury Product Cases With No Minimum

Customised styles give your product a unique and distinctive look to make your brand name in the industry. Also, unique premium packaging makes your product presentation unique to engage customers as well as help them in unforgettable unboxing experiences. At CBO, we have a lot of choices of box styles on which you select the right one per your needs. Let's see some styles that you may try for luxury product encasements. 

  • 1-piece hinged lid box 
  • Flip-top style 
  • Hexagonal shape boxes 
  • Upright packaging boxes 
  • 1-pieces setup boxes
  • Box with lid and tray 
  • Sleeve boxes 
  • Bookend box styles  
  • Collapsible rigid boxes 
  • Magnetic closure boxes 
  • Shoulder boxes 
  • Neck boxes 

All the above styles are a few examples of custom premium boxes which you can avail from us. Every shape and style has its benefits to grab your user’s attention. Also, you can use them according to unique shapes of styles for quality product packaging. 

CBO Presents Advanced Printing Options

Custom Boxes Only UK team is highly collaborative and offers tremendous printing methods for your customers. We use offset, digital, and screen printing for our clients that use with using CMYK colours to ensure the exact printing of your boxes. Similarly, no matter whether you want short-run printing or long-run printing we are here to meet your product packaging needs.

CBO is a premium packaging provider that has dedicated printing staff and members who are ready to grab serve you and meet your packaging needs. We have qualified printing staff that work cautiously to clean the equipment and rollers to print your printed boxes. Similarly, we confirm the use of mature printing devices and machines to provide flawless premium packaging to UK customers. So, call us or request a free quote to buy your desired packaging. 

Offer Customised Sizes for Precious Products 

We know the role of product packaging in your business growth so we try our best to help you with full-fledged customised options of premium packaging in the UK. Every product needs packaging according to their size you can never pack your one small lipstick in large size mailer boxes. It looks unethical and just a waste of your resources. 

So, save your assets and order custom size of product boxes according to your product weight, size and volume. Also, you may demand a physical sample before confirming the bulk orders we will provide no economical prices. 

Embossing and Debossing to Give a Premium Look 

Give a luxury appearance to your product by using custom premium boxes. We use high-end effects and textures on the card paper to make them adorable and titillating for the audience. Both packaging effects are beautiful and look fabulous on the surface of the box. 

Embossing: These effects give a raised look to the surface of your box and make it adorable to engage customers. For the raised area of the box, you may use any colour or coating to highlight them. Similarly, you may use embossing without any additional colour on your packaging box it also looks fabulous to engage customers. 

Debossing: It gives a sunken look to the particular area of the box, and it may be a text or a little part of the design. Also, we use gold and silver foil to fill the engraved area of the box. Plus, blind debossing is also a splendid option to give a tremendous look to your product while saving the additional cost you used on the colourful embossing effect. So, contact us to finalize what options you need on your high-end packaging boxes. 

Lamination and Coatings to Make Your Product Box Worthy 

Our brand is one of the premium packaging providers that presents the latest and advanced printing options. The application of lamination and coating increases the protection level of your product box and makes it secure for your products. Let me know about some advanced techniques of lamination for your info. 

Matte Lamination: We introduce matte lamination for your product boxes to give them a decent and dull look. This lamination does not spark instantly in customers' eyes to irritate them. 

Gloss Lamination: If you don’t want a matte finish of your products, so may choose gloss UV lamination to make your product secure as well as shiny. We offer this lamination for all product boxes.

Aqueous Coating: If you want an eco-friendly option instead of lamination, you may go for aqueous coating because it is just a spray that absorbs your material. This coating protects the printing of custom premium boxes from removing and vanishing. 

Cost-effective Solutions with Satisfaction 

Want to buy premium packaging on a low budget? Contact our experts to buy them today. At CBO, we offer huge discounts on printed boxes wholesale to serve our customers with top-quality material. Our customer support service helps you to customise the design according to your budget. If you cannot afford heavy design printing on your printed packaging cases, so we suggest you go for 1-colour instead of 4-colour printing. A 1-colour box with logo printing also looks fabulous to grab the target audience's attention. So, visit us to buy your high-end product boxes at affordable prices.

Fuscous on Quality Assurance 

We want to deliver quality products to our customers timely without any flaws or mistakes. Thus, CBO gathered the best packaging engineers and staff under one roof to ensure your quality packaging before shipping your order. On each step, our experts check the quality of your luxury premium packaging boxes and then pack them in bubble sheets to ship the product in grounded ways. After packing your product in a bubble sheet, we again check your parcels to confirm the secure packing for shipments. So, you can trust us to get top-quality products. 

Premium Rigid Boxes-Cater Needs of All Industries 

Our luxury premium packaging boxes are not limited to the one business niche. We are offering our premium box solutions for all industries. We work as a best apparel packaging partner with many apparel brands, jewellery vendors, and skincare brands. Also, if you run a bakery and need luxury packaging for a cake gift box, you may talk with our customers. We do not change of our shipping process from industry to industry, we offer adorable prices and free shipping for all customers. 

Why You Choose Us for Premium Boxes? is a reputable premium packaging provider that deals in customised and personalised rigid packaging. We offer advanced printing techniques for luxury product cases like digital, screen, and offset printing. Furthermore, we give value to our esteemed customers and listen to their requirements humbly. 

After listening to your requirements, our experts ensure the exact printing of your content on the premium boxes. Add to this; we offer fast shipping handling at your doorstep so don’t need to worry about picking up your order from other places. We offer CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key Black) colour models for packaging box printing with quality ink toners. Here are some benefits that make us perfect for you. 

  • Free and flat shipping 
  • Customised shipping 
  • CMYK colours 
  • Free die-cutting 
  • Recyclable material 
  • Unique shapes and styles 
  • Fastest turns around time 
  • Quality assurance 

Book your Order for High-end Packaging-Contact Us 

Want to book your order for ritzy packaging at affordable prices? We are here to serve our customers with love and care. Our experts help you on each step to confirm the premium printing and packaging process at market-leading prices. Also, they are available around the clock seven days a week. So, call us or email us to send your quotations today. You may fill out our free quotations form to place your orders.

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