Rectangular Packaging

CBO has all kinds of rectangular boxes in stock. The only difference between such boxes is, their folding, structural design, and tuck ends. We offer full-featured, totally customisable dispenser boxes, four corner tray boxes, reverse tuck end, seal end, straight tuck end and tuck end auto bottom boxes. All these cases are the same in shape except for the little difference of how to open them. Such boxes are used either at the retail or the wholesale level. Get your customised rectangular boxes at your doorstep within eight to ten working days after placing your order with CBO UK.

Our Customisation of Rectangular Boxes

Choose the colour, size, and cardboard grades you like; you can opt for either cardboard, corrugated or Kraft as raw materials. From small sizes rectangular packaging boxes too large-size briefcases, we have all types of boxes. Using customised and personalised packaging solutions, that can accommodate items like company information, product specifications, bar codes, expiry dates, logo and precautions, all this can be managed and placed perfectly based on the requirements.  Get your quote, share your requirements, confirm your order, and get your box with the desired image! Besides such, we have an option to ship orders requiring rush.

Types of Rectangular Boxes

Here's a breakdown of the types of rectangular boxes offered by Custom Boxes Only UK:

- Dispenser Boxes: Complete boxes, all customisable and at your discretion, provided with an assortment of opening mechanisms.

- Four Corner Tray Boxes: Boxes made of cardboard consistently well, with four-folded corners for extra strength.

- Reverse Tuck End Boxes: Modern but well-organized vertical boxes with easy pull tabs for convenient taking out of particular elements.

- Seal End Boxes: These are equipped with see-through boxes featuring tear-off seals to ensure product safety.

- Straight Tuck End Boxes: The somewhat rounded paper containers with box folding for a monochrome formal finish.

- Tuck End Auto Bottom Boxes: Self-locking boxes with bottom aperture closure, integrated with system for quick assembly.

Such rectangular boxes can be tailored to multiple sizes, materials (cardboard, corrugated, Kraft), among others keeping in mind your special packaging requirements.

Our Availability

We at CBO UK are available round-the-clock to help in any way possible. Our team of skilled and technical sales experts gives complete instructions that include a foolproof step-by-step guide from scratch to completion. We also offer on-demand production-grade 3D mockups before delivering your final order.. Our helpful customer support team is trained and good at understanding what kind of boxes we recommend to make sure that you get the right help and are clear about your requirements. Our options range from physical ones to digital ones; send us some samples to help if you are not sure about which one would be best for your, order. In this area, it’s as easy as ever to try different products thanks to the full-size sample packs that are offered.

Our Commitments

At CBO, we do what we promise. We do not compromise on the quality of your customised rectangular boxes, even if the turn-around period is the shortest. The packaging engineers in our team inspect every box before delivery to ensure that the same output of boxes with your specifications is delivered. After you have finished specifying your requirements and approved the sample we sent you for printing, this is the decisive moment as we should care about all steps just to ensure your satisfaction and deliver excellent quality boxes for you. 

Why do I Need to Order these Rectangular Boxes?

Custom rectangular boxes could be very beneficial and creative with the opening of in and out trays. These place products inside and guard against all journeys of his life. The cushion can be made with corrugated material, which will add strength and increase the product's life cycle. The customer's appealing, attractive, and out-of-the-ordinary rectangular packaging not only makes them more likely to buy from you but helps in the further development of the brand. Using customised techniques is a good opportunity for retailers and wholesalers to distinguish themselves from the competition in the market.

Why Choose Custom Boxes Only UK?

1. Cutting-Edge Printing: Use cutting-edge printing technology that we employ, selecting from offset, screen, and digital printing for custom boxes that are definitely top-notch.

2. Eco-Friendly Excellence: Preference towards eco-sustainability means we use top-grade eco-friendly materials for matches that can be the perfect brand image for your company on environmentally responsible practices.

3. Testimonials Speak Volumes: The customers of ours appreciate our superb customer service and quality materials, thus they could be associated with our environmentally-friendly packages and hence, grow their brand image.

4. Budget-Friendly Solutions: Get at a very friendly price for companies of all sizes with no smaller business considerations; just order custom rectangular boxes for your wholesale once and do not pay more for it.

5. Customer-Centric Approach: Our devoted support staff helps to ease the process and adapts to your primary characteristics as we make bespoke rectangular boxes that reflect your brand.

6. Swift Turnaround Times: Efficiency is our goal with the shortest lead time being just part of that, make the supply of any packaging to meet your urgent needs as soon as possible.

7. Free UK Shipping: Whether your favourite one is local or from other cities or states, take advantage of our free doorstep delivery.

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