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Metalized Packaging

Metalized boxes are a type of packaging wherein the containers are made from materials that have undergone metallisation, which involves the deposition of a thin layer of metal on other materials such as paperboard or plastic. This metalloid layer creates a shiny and glossy surface like metal on the boxes. Go for these unique boxes that provide an all-inclusive solution for businesses seeking professional packaging services. Thanks to modern 3D printing technologies, earth-friendly materials and a dedicated customer approach, your brand is promoted with no greenhouse effect. The best part is that we serve clients of all budgetary constraints. We ensure fast turnaround times, and free local shipping is of primary importance to us. Choose CBO UK if you want the best quality, sustainability, and affordability, and thus, the perfect packaging solution for your brand to be in business nowadays.

Who Needs Metalized Boxes?

Such boxes are often used in different industries for reasons which are based on the well-known fact that they have unique properties.  

 1. Cosmetics Industry: A metalized packaging is often used in luxury cosmetics and beauty product packaging. The luxury appearance of the metalised surface helps consumers to feel that the product is of better quality and also reinforces brand appeal.

 2. Food and Beverage Industry: Metalized boxes represent luxury packaging used for premium and up-scale food products such as chocolates, confectionery, and beverages. The shiny finish instills aesthetical value on the gourmet products, thus allowing them to compete favourably for space on retail shelves.

 3. Electronics Industry: A considerable amount of those will come in a cardboard box coated with a metalised film to ensure safety during shipping and storage. Being sturdy is the major attribute of these boxes to protect the fragile electronic components.

 4. Gift and Luxury Packaging: Aluminum and glass packaging is often used for premium gift wrappings, such as jewellery boxes, perfume bottles and luxury gift sets. The shiny outlines of the mirror finish surface exude a classy appearance that suits its intended purpose for premium gifts and special occasions.

 5. Promotional and Marketing Campaigns: Various corporations apply metalized packaging to accomplish their advertising and marketing campaign goals. Companies draw the attention of shoppers with unique boxes that are fully written with their logos and sketches.

Custom Made Metalized Box Packaging by CBO

These boxes are cherished for their durability, beauty, and adaptability as they are suitable for different settings in the various industries.

At CBO-UK, our speciality is offering customised packaging solutions specific to your dimensions. Our range consists of boxes made of gold foil and silver foil using metalised premium materials, ensuring a high-end look. By silk-screening on silver and gold foil sheets, we elevate the boxes to sophisticated style and quality. Whether it is regular cutout boxes or custom designs, we ship custom boxes embossed with your logo directly to your doorstep within ten business days. Our tailored four-step operation guarantees a stress-free experience that takes you from a price quote to delivery.

These modern metal cases are great for both retail and wholesale and give an elegant element to any product. The smoothness of the surfaces and the silver and gold foil finishes raise the packaging to a premium level. The surface of our cardboard is accomplished by high-pressure foil rolling.

The CBO-UK sells metalized printed boxes and packaging products at reasonable prices in the UK. Our free program includes free templates and designs for metalized packaging, suitable for any size business. With the easy to use design templates, you can customise your boxes exactly how you want them with your own artwork and product specifications. Our commitment to customisation creates the possibility of designing packages reflecting your company's image.

What are the Ways we Personalise Metalized Boxes?

 1. Custom metalised packaging can be printed in any colour.

 2. Unlike other types of boxes, silver and gold foil boxes can be die-cut with ease.

 3. These boxes can be printed on various cardboard stocks.

 4. These boxes can be designed as well as printed in any size.

Our manufacturing process guarantees that metalised box packaging is carefully crafted to your standards while maintaining customer satisfaction. CBO-UK provides you with all your metalized boxes wholesale at a lower price.

Quick Turnaround Time

We deliver our custom-printed metalized boxes at cheap price and quicker than our competitors in the industry. Also, we provide rush-order options with additional charges. Eco-friendly and recyclable materials we use comply with environmental regulations thereby promoting sustainability. 

Bespoke Box Printing Services

Choosing the perfect box from our large variety of boxes with an added perk of customisation features such as lamination, UV coating, varnish, and foil stamping makes CBO-UK the ultimate address for premium packaging solutions. Our knowledgeable sales team is there 24/7 to help you with any questions or help you might require.

Why Choose Us?

At CBO - CustomBoxesOnly, we provide the best boxes and printing services to accommodate your packaging requirements. We assure you that your products will be intact and good looking with our range of metalised boxes coming in different creative shapes. Our metalised wrap packaging crafted from high-quality materials produces a sophisticated exterior, giving your product superior protection.

Designing your metalized packaging with us is a pleasure. Select from a variety of mediums and designs in our database, or submit your artwork for a personalised effect. Our speciality is to design contemporary metalised cases which apart from safeguarding the items add aesthetic value to your products. Creating gold foiling, hot foiling, and silver foiling, our finishing ensures a stunning look guaranteed to attract your audience.

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Being among the top metalized wrap packaging producers, CustomBoxesOnly UK feels proud to offer its services to our clients with guaranteed satisfaction. Our team works day and night tirelessly to offer the best product and guarantee your complete satisfaction with our services. With our customised approach and meticulous care, you can be sure that your vision will become a reality. Trust CustomBoxesOnly as an unmatched customer service provider and premium packaging solutions company within the UK for your orders. Elevate your brand with unique metalized boxes and our top-notch printed services.

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