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Why Do You Need a Luxury Packaging Provider?

Premade Box does not allow you to print brand names and logos that play a major role in brand recognition. Comparatively, customisation yields an opportunity to choose a catchy design, unique brand name and logo, font styles and size for text, quality material, laminations for their security and multiple inserts that keep your product organised for the customers. Also, businesses choose the thicker quality of luxury packaging that keeps the moisture away from your product.

If you want to get branding, and marketing benefits for your product packaging while using them as affordable marketing campaigns, that brand does for target audiences. A heavy-duty box can also use as a storage box for different types of products so call us to book your order now. 

Printed Luxury Boxes Are the Best Marketing 

Building strong relationships with your customers is not an easy task. You need to show their loyalty to your customers by offering products in secure packaging boxes. Therefore, you need to prioritise them and design your product packaging that revolves around them. We suggest our customers create a clear vision and decide the best way to design their packaging boxes. In this regard, we print your brand vision and discount offers on your printed luxury boxes. Also, we use vibrant colours and shades to engage massive customers in a short time. 

Offer Unlimited Revisions for Customise Order 

Custom Boxes Only has packaging experts and designers that help you organise your graphic and content on luxury packaging. We offer unlimited revisions for our customers who confirm their custom packaging order first. In this regard, you need to request an instant quote or discuss it with our support representatives. After confirming your order to buy boxes from us, our customer design service can communicate to understand your packaging needs and design your packaging box as per your desire.

If you feel any changes and get a sample against your requirement, we can revise your design and make it accurate for you. Add to this; we offer 2D, and 3D templates and physical samples for our customers to confirm the correction before printing luxury boxes in bulk. So, contact us and make us a part of your successful journey. 

Unique Styles for Luxury Product Presentation 

A fabulous presentation of your box must be required to make affordable yet alluring product packaging of your precious products. Therefore, CBO-UK offers functional styles, and shapes for luxury boxes at cheap prices. We are offering luxury product presentations with printed stuff to make them adorable for your target audience. Here are some styles that you know before ordering your product. 

  • Bookend style 
  • Lid and tray box with magnetic closure
  • Shoulder boxes 
  • Upright boxes 
  • Gable boxes 
  • Suitcase boxes 
  • Mailer boxes 
  • Flip-top boxes 
  • 1-2-3 auto bottom boxes 
  • Seal-end with top tuck-end boxes 

All mentioned styles are a few choices to give a luxury look to your boxes. These styles with additional options look titillating to grab your audience’s attention. So explore our site to buy any custom styles of the product box. 

Add Personalised Notes and Cards 

It’s the responsibility of the brand if their customers trust them to try their products so, they will show their gratitude towards your customers too. For this purpose, buy personalised cards from us with custom printing methods and content to show gratitude to customers. When you give value to your customers, they can trust your brand more easily. So buy printed luxury boxes and personalised cards at market-leading prices from us. 

Additional Options to Luxuries Product Boxes 

After choosing your all custom aspects for product boxes, now it’s time to give enchanting and swanky displays to engage your consumers. Also, your customisation not only stops with choosing styles, designs, and personalised text, we bring up advanced tactics and approaches that modify the existing look of your product. We are offering high-end lamination and coatings to make your product box classy and elegant. 

Pearl Lamination: This lamination contains a thin PVC transparent sheet and shines like a pearl after pasting on the cardboard material which also makes your product box esthetic and enthralling. 

Soft Touch Lamination: Soft touch lamination is quite unique in nature because it is a matte coating but gives a soft touch to your product box. 

Foil Stamping: It is gold and silver foil that is applied to your text or specific design area to make them eye-catching for your target audiences. Also, we offer many metallic shades for using this texture on the box. 

Embossing: It gives a raised look to your surface with additional coating inks on the canvas of your luxury boxes. This effect gives a pop-up look at the particular area of your product packaging to engage your customers. Most cosmetic, perfume, apparel, and jewellery sellers use this effect to make their products engaging for your customers. 

Debossing: We offer a debossing effect for your luxury boxes cheap price with quality colours. It gives a sunken look to your products and makes them adorable for your target audiences. So, call us to buy your product today. 

Window Patch: If you want to make your product packaging classy by using PVC die-cut windows, we are offering custom-sized windows on your packaging box as per your need. Also, we offer both single and double-sided windows to make your product visible to your target customers. 

At CBO we offer all types of packaging whether you want primary or secondary product packaging for business clients. Do not feel fear by choosing us to book your order, and you will be happy for them. 

Show Authentication with Printed Product Boxes

At CBO, we offer bespoke luxury packaging boxes for our client businesses whether they deal in shoe, jewellery and apparel boxes. There are many products in the industry that need to be packed in incredible and remarkable product packaging boxes. So, buy our luxury boxes with logos and other printing details to build trust in your consumers. Here is some information that you must print on your printed box with custom font style and size to make them worthy for the target audience. 

Brand Name and Logo: Must print your brand name and logo on the luxury rigid boxes to make the identical in the pool of competitors. Our experts help you to arrange both important details with the right place on your packaging case. It must be visible to your customers to attract them when your product is placed on the corded retailer shelves. 

Product Name: After printing your brand name and logo, you need to print the product name on the packaging case with a visible font style that's readable to your customers. Our support design team help you pick the suitable colour to make your product name prominent when you place your product on market shelves. 

Ingredients: Similar to other information you must add the ingredient list on the packaging carton. No matter whether you sell food items, cosmetics, soaps, and candles you need to mention all their ingredients on the box to ensure customers' authenticity. Similarly, as a shoe vendor you mention colour, size, material and shoe style names on your product box for transparency of your product. 

Precautions and Usage: Every product has benefits and side effects so, you need to mention all precautions and safety measures on your product packaging to save people's life. If you don’t want to print on your luxury packaging box, you can add a manual inside the box. At CBO, we facilitate our customers by offering a huge array of printing and packaging. You provide us with the data in a soft file and we need to print an instruction book for your products. So, contact us to buy your goods.  

Quantity: Mention the product quantity on your box to inform your customers what they actually got after purchasing your item. Your customers must be aware of the quantity of your products before buying them. 

Certification: Our experts also collect information about your certification and print it on the box to convey a message to your end-users. By printing certified institution names, your end-users will trust you and buy the products fearlessly. 

Barcodes and Manufacturing:  Print barcodes and manufacturing country names on your product to show where you belong and make their products for your consumers. Also, mention product shelf life on the box to give the deadline to your customers to use your products for maximum benefits. 

At CBO, our experts cautiously listen to all your meticulous details and print them on packaging boxes after your confirmation. Also, if you need any samples, you can contact our customer support service they will help you to get your answer as soon as possible. 

Check Every Box in Detail for Quality Assurance 

We care about our customers and want to deliver top-notch quality product packaging. Therefore, we established a dedicated team of packaging engineers and staff to deliver perfect custom luxury boxes to your doorstep. Also, we check your product in detail after completing the production to ensure its best quality. So, our team members check each packaging box to examine the colours, size, die-cutting, holes, assembling edges, and many other options as per our choice. So, get 100% guaranteed quality packaging from us at market-leading prices. 

Buy Wholesale Product Boxes on Affordable Prices

The CBO team is here to facilitate all industries and business niches without any discrimination. So, we value all our customers whether small business or large-scale product sellers. Therefore, we offer volume discounts for luxury boxes wholesale in the UK with the best quality material and printing methods. 

Similarly, if you order luxury boxes bulk from us, and have confusion in mind for bad and pathetic packaging, so remove it now. We do not compromise the quality of any single piece of the box from your bulk order, thus you also get high-quality packaging boxes in bulk orders. Thus, to find luxury boxes at cheap prices in UK, visit to purchase your desired packaging cases. 

Why We Are The Best Luxury Product Packaging? presents innovative and advanced packaging solutions for their valuable and trusty consumers. Select your perfect product box from our customisable inside layouts that provide full creative autonomy to print design, and logo with unique text to resonate your brand details for target audiences. Here are some reasons that make us perfect for your customers. 

Free Shipping Handling of Product Box Orders 

We offer 2-3 days grounded shipping delivery in the UK to safely deliver orders to customer’s doorstep. Like other brands, you do not need to collect your parcels from any other place. Our shipping team ensure the delivery of orders at the consumer’s doorstep. So, contact our experts to decide what type of custom luxury boxes you need for your products. 

Flat Shipping 

We ship your product boxes in flat due to save the extra space of adhesive boxes. At CBO, we deliver easy-to-p assembling luxury boxes for our customers. Also, we need to ensure the easy assembling process for luxury boxes, without any extra adhesive expense. 

No Minimum Quantity to Book Any Order

We do have not any restricted range for minimum or maximum orders. So, our clients are free to buy boxes and Kraft bags in the range, we ensure the exact delivery of your order with no grey area. Also, if you want bulk quantity packaging cases, you also book your order for luxury boxes wholesale in any quantity. 

Eco-friendly and Recyclable Material 

By offering quality and recyclable packaging material, we play their role in sustainable packaging material. Our paper and cardboard packaging is recyclable and converted in any other shape so, book your order for tremendous packaging style. 

Want to buy your catchy and secure premium product packaging? Contact us to buy your products today and request an instant quote to book your orders. Our customer service is here to serve you 24/7 book your order now. 

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